Resilience – a different approach

Today a friend came along, visiting me. We talked about our children. He proudly talked about his sons, living in Borneo, having a company documentating by film stories about Orang Utans for The BBC, winning prices, etc. When I went to their website I found out, they documentated also the „Resilience Project“.

A lot of people are talking about „Resilience“ today. In Germany or in the US they focus on personal resilience of employees, children, organisations and sometimes about companies.

In Indonesia they try to increase the resilience of communities.

And how the people of care international do it, is documentated by BPI  Borneo Productions International


Understanding different views on and approaches to Climate Change Adaption, Disaster Risk Reduction and Poverty Reduction

A project of The European Commission and Care International.

I was very impressed by the project itself AND the way the film is done.

Thanx to Dylan Vaughn for coffee, chat, cookies and especially for the hint.  And thanx to all of the people, who are involved in that special project. It seems to be a very smart way to make people feel empowered to deal with their challenges!

I think, I have to send it to, maybe they can deliver it as „good practise“.

~ von Ulla Keienburg - 9. November 2012.

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