DAD – I am watching you!

“Dad, you don’t know it right now…But I am watching you…Watching the things you do…I am watching the way you treat people, the way you treat me and my mom and my sister…The way you live your life is having a big impact on me.

The time you spend with me even doing simple things will give me a sense of security. There will be times in my life where I maybe not sure what to do, but I will look how you stood up for what was right. Please don’t be afraid to show me your failures, to show me your mistakes… I will learn from them.

Dad, are you listening? I am watching…Watching to see if you really believe what you say about God. You need to help show me the way. Show me how to live like that isn’t sin, but is good.

So I am watching you dad…every day. You are teaching me how to live, whether you know it or not.”

Do fathers realize this kind of impact?

father and son  (c) ulla keienburg 2011

father and son (c) ulla keienburg 2011

Take a moment to contemplate the roles that Dads play in their children’s lives. 

Challenge and uplift fathers, acknowledging their importance in shaping the lives of future generations as role models.

the original


~ von Ulla Keienburg - 25. Mai 2012.

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