Not lost but found – Help

"World Heritage is there to help" - "Can you help me save the the world"

„World Heritage is there to help“ – „Can you help me save the the world“

When I saw this I was touched.

Maybe it was this peaceful environment Geiranger. This space for being, walking, thinking, really warmed up by the sun that day…  the time to relax, to discover..

I was curious, who created these flags . I asked. There were camps in the summer for students. They came there to work about saving nature and freedom, democracy and peace.

Norwegian Fjordcenter:   The Geirangerfjord – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

~ von ullakeienburg - 24. September 2012.

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  2. Was essen wir morgen – Jimmy in den USA ( ❧ 265)

    Nochmal, hoffentlich klappt die Verlinkung jetzt.

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    Wow! Thousand thanks, dear Ulla!

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