World Environment Day – Take up the Fight against Pollution

Heute legen wieder mindestens zwei mir bekannte Schiffe auch mit dem Ziel gen Nordkapp ab. Zu gern wäre ich dabei. 🙂
Zum 5.Juni gab es gute Gedanken um Nordkap,

Everyday life in the North Cape & North of Norway

In honor of the World Environment Day, I wanted to share the trailer to the movie Trashed – thanks to Mobius Faith Imaging’s blog for bringing it to my attention.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that ocean pollution is something I want to see come to an end, and here in the North Cape we have a project called One Step at a Time with a goal increasing awareness of this global problem and raising funds to help clean up our magnificent coastline.

As we celebrate World Enviornment Day, let’s think about consuming less, reusing what we have, and picking up trash when we see it.

trash, ocean pollution, norway

Ocean pollution, washed on shore, Nordkapp, Norway

ocean pollution, debris on shore, nordkapp, norway

nylon fish nets washed on shore, nordkapp, norway

ropes washed up on shore, norway

Here’s how I’m resusing large, rubber fishing boots that have been washed up on shore:


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