„Stupid is as stupid does“ Bubba Gump

„Nobody has the right to obey“  Hannah Arendt 1906 – 1975

I love my journal, my calendar – daily reminding me of what`s important to and for me!  🙂 I keep on putting this mark on the U1 of my journal each year,  since I found this card – 10 years ago. A long time before I started to look for it., and even longer ago than searching for this card I got this message!!! Early childhood maybe. 🙂

I know: The biggest part of my consciousness is the unconscious one. (nearly 85%). But whatever: I like to stretch out the part of consciousness a little bit by reflecting, asking for stories behind stories, by being  deeply interested in people.

It seems logical to me, becoming a journalist, photographer and an analytic and systemic orientated therapist. 🙂

So I never stopped asking ( myself): WHAT FOR or WHOM SHOULD I OBEY? If there is a good effect or impact of „obeying“ or following an advice or an idea: I (will) do that! Very important for me: I have to trust the persons or ideas, who are offering or asking me to do that.


I like to spread these words….   I  like too, that more  and more people  have the chuzpe to think and act like that and stop complying -unreflected -with others (more or less helpful) regulations – especially in the the field of organized education and employment. We should be more. I would never connotate this with „independence“. One effect: It makes me more aware of the „interdependences“ between a lot of what happens in my life and the world I am living in.

Bubba Gump pointed it out!  „Stupid is as stupid does!“  Shrimps Co. 🙂

Sorry for my „No-native-speaker“-English – I did my very best  .-)

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