… seen enough… !?

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denkzettel klein

I lost my innocence over intolerance
All the indignities heaped on the black man
We went to Church they all prayed for the white man
The cops and the preachers were most of ‚Äöem in the clan
What’s a kid s’posed to think
When the adults are all such hypocrites impossibly smug

I have seen enough
I have seen enough of this
Had enough
Quite enough, I swear

The next generation, the Woodstock nation
A little bit flaky but no hesitation
Stop the war it wasn‚Äôt worth dyin‚Äė for
The paranoia of the cold warriors
Arrogant old men with domino theories
Fractured fairy tales tryin‚Äė to kill me

I’ve seen enough
I have seen enough of this
I have read enough
History to see right through this

You got outcast, upset people you never met
Locked in the basement
Hot wired to the net, isolated, infuriated
The punchline to the…

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~ von Ulla Keienburg - 5. Dezember 2017.

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