Another „Django“ in Moscow

To move in Moscow is mostly following advices, to react on impulses, not to make plans. Sitting in an Irish Bar can mean you get „plans“ for two and more days. The first recommandation was the one for „Acropolis“ the next one, an hour later, was an invitation to the „Roadhouse Blues Club“ at the „Prospect Mira“


They promised us a concert of the Django Band. So we went there – good action for a Saturday night and we were ready for another surprise.djangoband

Polina Kasjanow – Gesang
Dmitry Merchants – Guitar
George Yashagashvili – Guitar
Alexander Baydakov – Kontrabass

13 € entrance fee was ok… 300 Rubles of that could be used for a drink at the bar.

It was so full, that we couldn`t expect to get a chair or a place to sit. BUT – the guy who invited us organized, that we found one. As we got to know soon – we were sitting right beside the parents of the singer.

Their daughter and the band were celebrating the fifth anniversary of the band that night. Another surprise and a good explanation for the group of ladies which were costumed in fashion of the 20 ies of the last Century.

I couldn`t find a session from that evening on youtube- maybe not yet. BUT:
The proud father was taking shots and films of the show by his tablet – so I could have taken shots of his tablets screen…

But I didn`t. I took one of him, while he was critically watching the pictures he took. 🙂 I sent it to him. And he was really happy about that picture and I promised him, not to publish it. 🙂 Making friends in a Blues Club.

If we wouldn`t have been in contact about this, we would had to contact latest when the bill had to be paid. They only bring bills for a table not for single people or different groups at one. We arranged the paying. And it was a nice evening ending  at midnight – for us. The last Metro is going at 12:30—-   so it was better to leave although the Jam session was still going on. One  song better than the other. And a lot of musicians who are so excellent with their instruments.


Wonderful music… wonderful evening… wonderful experience….. and an new bar we can spend time… and a new band we can listen too  –   even on youtube   🙂

TOP SECRET II – Das Geheimnis ist gelüftet!


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